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In last lessons we considered basics principles of OOP in PHP. To summarize this topic, I decided to make simple web app with using of OOP paradigm. Besides our app will be based on modern, actual approach in app design – MVC (Model-View-Controller).
Our app will be a user cabinet with users management, view products and orders. Login form will be on the main page of our app.
MVC design template means separation of app into three key components – Model, View, Controller. Each of it decides its specific task:

  • Model works with database directly.
  • View shows data to user.
  • Controller gets requests from user (actions) and calls specific model or method in model.

MVC is basic for many modern php frameworks.


Модуль "Личный кабинет"

1. Вход в личный кабинет (со сменой аватарки)
2. Главная страница личного кабинета
3. Страница управления пользователями (управление личными данными)
4. Список заказов (покупок)

    - Используемый стек технологий
        - php
        - mysql
        - html+css
        - bootstrap
        - jquery
        - angular

Подход к разработке
- MVC (Model-View-Controller)

Структура БД:
- Таблица "Пользватели"        
- Таблица "Роли"        
- Таблица "Заказы"        
- Таблица "Товары"        
- Таблица "ЗаказыТовары"


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