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Welcome to my site. My name is Kamil Abzalov. I graduated from the Railway Engineering Transport University in 2012, where I got involved of web developming. I was thinking, it was late. But now I am sure, with proper approach (more practise) you can achieve great results. My site content is simply a little help for your goals.
Besides you can to make order site development.

Why do you need this site?

When I was beginning to make web development, I had a dream about my blog. Now I want, every developer’s dream will come true

Who is this site for

Everyone can learn to make web projects, It is important, you must not have any let in your mind. And you must your work well.

Last tuts

WordPress. Create theme. Print menu in template

In last lesson we crated file structure and included css and js files for our Wordpress theme. Today we will consider capability creating and printing menu in our theme If you had entered to admin panel after last lesson, you noticed, there were no any capability to...

WordPress. Create theme. Header and footer

In last lesson we began to create our own template. Today we create common parts for every site page - header and footer Header and footer code are situated in header.php and footer.php. Its code includes in index.php with get_header() and get_footer() functions....

WordPress. Create theme

In last lessons we have been discussing basics with Wordpress. From today lesson we will creating our first the simplest theme for Wordpress. First of all, I noticed, that I focus on wordpress theme creating documentation. All wordpress themes store on the server by...

Next lesson will be in...








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