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In this lesson we’ll finish to make main page of our project – we’ll add footer, also including icon font. First of all I’ll show how to make footer is always in the bottom of web page.
If you would like use icons in your site, you will probably want to use images. For example, Second way is the icon font. Nowadays icon font is very popular. Its main advantage is small page load. Image files have larger size than icon font.

In this lesson (and in my projects) I use This font updates very often. There a lot of icons in font awesome. Font awesome is simply font, that’s why we can change icon color, size and so on. We can’t do it with images.
List of icons
Also there are additional tools, for example icons animation

Icon font is simply css file, which read font from another folder “fonts”. All files and folders are in one zip archive, you can download.

Second way to include font awesome is cdn.

You only need to add link to link tag href attribute.

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