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I gave a New Year present for my mother – Irobot Scooba 450.
Irobot recently makes such washing vacuum devices.First of all it cleans floor and then wash it. Scooba has got two modes – 20 minutes and 40 minutes of cleaning. Scooba will clean room with square up to 14m and within 20 minutes and with square between 14m and 30m within 40 minutes.
It enough 40 minuts to us to wash floor in the kitchen and bathroom. Then you must clean Scooba from dust and dirt. And then you need to charge the battery. We didn’t find the lacks. Yes, it strikes with walls, but it’s not critical. While the process it tries to clean all square, and it does it not so bad. I am thinking about buying iroobot clean vacuum. I don’t understand critics of some people. Don’t forget – it is robot! If you don’t like it, clean your rooms yourself, worsening your health.

In the video below you can see the process of scooba cleaning. I’m sorry for the bad quality of video.

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