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2014 is finishing. They say, it is need to summarizing this year.
Several days ago I heard summary of this year in one of russian tv show. It was very horribly. TV show bringing said a lot of ugly words about Europe, USA, the Ukraine. Let me summarize this year on my own behalf.
This year began from Ukraine political crsisis. I was writting about it in last post. I didn’t change my opinion.
In February we saw the Olympic Games in Sochi. First of all, in my opinion, it is not good idea for country with terrible situation in economic to organize Olympic games. I root for Canada hockey team. Their game was perfect. A lot of people were expecting victory from our hockey team. Well, going award, in May russian team won World Hockey Championship. It was enjoyable victory for us. But Olympic games was aweful for our team. Olympic games is main dream for every sportsman. National teams give a chance for young players in World Championship. That’s why Championship victory is not a good excuse for Olympic terrible results.
Okay, let’s discuss one great person of this Olympic – Ole Einar Bjørndalen. He won two gold medals…and our hearts. I have not been watching biathlon for already two years. Because I decided for me, his time finished. His age is very massy for sport. But I made mistake. And I am happy, I made this mistake. His victory is fairy tale with happy end. This victory was the main goal for him. He proved for himself, for us, for all over the world, that every man who has got a goals, will find any resources to reach these goals.
Of course in russian tv shows I heard ”
doping”, “rogue” and so on. It was simple and funny envy. But envy always will be weaker that wish to be better, to seek excellence.
As you see, sport is very important part of life for me. And I would like to talk about one more great man – Roger Federer. His career looks like Bjorndalen’s career. The greatest tennis player proved to all, critics is very good thing to be better. Wimbledon final was great. Djokovic won. And he deserved this title. But you will agree with me, Roger deserved title too. He won 4th set from a hopeless situation and was fighting in 5th set, not showing some fatigue. In the end of December fate gave him present – Davis Cup title. And now he has got all.

In summer we all saw World cup in Brazil. I was enjoying Germany national team games. I don’t want talk about Russian team. Let’s be silent.

There were different difficulties in my personal life. My dad had got two operations, I lost a lot of “friends”. Everything changed. I tried to change myself and world around me. Sometimes
I succeeded.

December was very difficult for our economy. The Crimea annexation is very expensive for our country. Russian people were laughing a lot at Obama, Psaki, Eurovision and so on. But we did’t saw problems in russian life. It very strange, European countries and the USA helps the Ukraine, and Russia kindles a war with “brother” country.Since 2014 we talk about russian greatness, we were sure, the USA would crash. But when rouble was crashed, each of us bought a lot of dollars. I asked a lot people about it, but I didn’t get clear answer.

Several minutes ago I came from Manege Square. There were a lot of people, who want to be free and live in free country.

I lived this year with Bjorndalen, Federer, Michael Jackson and Emilia Lakovic. Yes, now we are only friends with her. But I know, she still loves me, she doesn’t conceal it. She always trusts me, helps me. After rouble crushing she told me: “I won’t leave you, I want to be with you to help you in this terrible moment”. And I couldn’t repel her even after her
offensive words four years ago. Today she (the citizen of Slovenia and the UK) was with me in meeting. Her activity, her wish to live brightly is a good example for me.

As you understood, this year was very difficult for me, maybe for you too. But it was. Now it is history. Next year will be difficult too. Our country is ill. Life becomes more difficult for us. But I don’t want finish this post pessimistically. Be sure, our country onetime will become strong, will become free. Maybe world will be changed. But for this we must do a lot of good things, and we can do it. I am sure. I wish you, your slogan for next year will “I can”.

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