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This is 5 unbelievable years. These 5 years changed all, changed me. Everyone who says his name, lives in another world. Maybe it didn’t change in our world. We are still simply men. We learn, work, eat, drink, raise children. But each of us lives with wish – make this world better.
Yes, we don’t condemn anybody, we don’t make selfie. Because we have greater goals. And we are condemned, laughes at us. He was laughed at too. He is not with us for 5 years. But he is not with them, who always were envied his talent, he hasn’t given an excuse to discuss his live. He has never given excuse, he hasn’t wanted it, because our world is so.
But he is in our hearts always. And know he watches us, he is near us. He couldn’t do it, when he was alive, because he was doing his important mission, which he was carrieng. After he has carried out it, he is watching us (such an angel in our hearts), that we will try to live such way and learn it other.
Our life really looks like his life – it is often dangerous (#dangerous), sometimes it is #blackandwhite. We are participant of daily life, but often think about people, whose life is very difficult, and we try to help them, we try to #healtheworld, heal our planet (#earthsong). Because #wearetheworld. And we try to go about in the world with #moonwalk. Such we create our #history – common and unique simultaneously. And I am sure – everything works out. Maybe it will be a while. But it will. That’s why in cartoons and films good doesn’t win evil a while. Sometimes something interrupts for it. And the rest don’t care, #theydontrealyycareaboutus. Every person in our world first of all wants to be a rich and satisfy.
And I will repeat again – we don’t condemn them. Because we have each other. And I like to talk with you very much. With first words I fell in you a part of MJ. We are the part of world, which was created by him. We are admirers of his vital and music talent. And he is Michael Jackson – the king of pop, the king of men’s hearts. And today his birthday is. I congratulate each of you with this day.

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