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One more strange event in Russia is perspectives of polygamy. Society began to discuss it after utterance of Pavel Astakhov and wedding in Chechnya head of district department of Ministry of the Interior with 17 yers old girl. By the way this man already has a wife.

What can I say? With such events we can return about 4-5 centures ago – inquisition and other “advantages” of patriarchy. It was a joke about inquisition, but sometimes I don’t understand when it is a joke, and when it is a true. It’s all possible.
What do I think about polygamy? Let’s imagine your daughter, for example. She liked some man, maybe married. And he forces her to marry with him. Then your daughter must wear veil, her beauty is hidden. She looks like cocoon. The same rules as well as in Saudi Arabia.

I saw a lot of such situations in Egypt while my weekend: husband is eating, swimming, and his two wives are taking care of a child. Father is not interesting his son. Imagine this situation in Russia.

I know girl, my friend, which married in 28 years old. Because she was afraid to be alone. But she did a mistake. Her husband is tyrant. He limits her in different kinds of activities. He requires breakfast, dinner and supper in time. And of course sexual slavery. It is the best formulation. She calls me on the phone and askes me to speak with her. I recommend her to start from zero. But she doesn’t want it. She still loves him. Ok. Trollface.

Why does it happen? I think, my mother and Emilia are right – men die out everywhere. In Europe a lot gays, I think, it is problem with genes. But in our country men change easy specialty to learn without problems. Modern men don’t like difficulties. One thing that doesn’t change how men discuss women. I am sitting in the cafe, drinking coffee. Next to me two guys are sitting and discuss their sexual life. I felt in this moment, I was in cell with rabbits. One more situation – when I have a dinner, one beautiful women comes to the cafe, and all men looks to her legs, not face. It is degradation. Also I don’t like a pity for a men. I don’t like, when man always says he is tired, and his life is the most difficult life all over the world. It is shame.

My age looks very depressingly. I am afraid to enter to books shops, hospitals and so on. These young people finish their study. But their thinking is very is very primitive. Can they help you, cure you and how…no. The can’t.

Such situations generate gossips about great wish to legitimize polygamy. I call it slavery. You can tell me, it is not enough facts. Well I didn’t tell everything, that I had heard. I recommend you to enter to shopping centers. I promise, you will heard a lot if interesting.
I would like to advice to girls – don’t make mistakes, be careful. And I ask men to stop abuse an alcohol, to stop feel sorry for oneself, to work hardly and don’t rely on only luck and chance.
P.S. This post is my own opinion. Don’t take it personally. Your opinion is also interesting for me

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