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Let me be analyst. It sounds funny, but people close to me sound more funny.
The key reason of writing this post is last speech and acts of our opposition. I am not a fan and I don’t want protect a man in specific situation if this man likes me. It is about famous opposition journalist Victor Shenderovich, who protected russian actor Batalov with the Crimea situation. And Alexandr Sotnik, who also protects Batalov and however writes suicide letter to Zadornov. Or our “hope” Navalny, who speaks with terrorist Strelkov. All these acts I don’t want protect. I am ready to speak it safely.
But this our real time opposition. And it is our fault, and we call to peace. You write texts and make reposts in social networks. But you must raise opposition too, that this opposition understand their mistakes and don’t make it again. This is democracy – when people controls their political power. And you wait, when, for example, Navalny makes political situation in the country. I think, only Navalny can change political life in Russia. But we must control Navalny too. And you must do it. But it easier for you to press keys on your keyboards. I fell so sorry for you. You are not a stupid people, but you are near them, because you are quiet, even matter you think that you scream. This is not true. I am with you but not in this situation.

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