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I develop web sites using most popular CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Opencart, MODx.
You can familiarize with my portfolio into which I regularly include my new projects.
Besides I make screencasts (video tutorials) and publish it in my youtube channel.
I have got accounts in social networks. You can subscribe to my blog and make order for site developming. Leave comments , questions and wishes.

  • HTML 80% 80%
  • CSS 70% 70%
  • PHP 60% 60%
  • CMS 50% 50%
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, TypeScript) 70% 70%


I get questions from you very often in social networks and comments in my youtube channel. My answers are my personal experience. It’s not universal rule.

How to start learn web development?

You must define for yourself, where you want to make projects – front-end or back-end.
In the first you must learn html, css and javascript.
In the second you must know php, mysql.
Useful links:

How to use knowledge in practice?

Best practice is your wish. My lessons and other author lessons should not be your “teachers”. It needs for your little motivation. But it wil be much better you will make up your own project – blog, e-shop etc. Don’t afraid make mistakes. You won’t probably succed in in everything you do at once. But gradually you will gain experience and you will want to make more and more

Is not it too late to learn web development?

If you are willing to make web sites, and you are ready to learn, make mistakes, it’s not late. I think, anyone can anything. It is not necessarily about web development. This is fairly philosophical question. If you are attracted something, you need to try, immerse oneself in it.

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