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In this lesson we will talk about creating responsive web site. In our world a lot of people enter to web sites with mobile phones and tablets. That’s why it is important to make web design, which will look nice in all mobile devices.
before creating responsive design, you must add meta tag мета тэг:
In detail you can read about this tag here.

After this we begin to write media queries. Media queries are conditions, which css rules will be work.

Media queries example:

While creating responsive web design and for testing it I recommend to use google chrome console.

I note three important areas:
1 – device for emulation.
2 – orientation (portrait or landscape).
3 – Current CSS rules.

In conclusion it is important to note you strongly don’t need to use min-device-width. You can read about it here

In addition you can read about media queries about here.

Also I add the list of main media queries for main devices


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