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In last lessons we have been discussing basics with WordPress. From today lesson we will creating our first the simplest theme for WordPress.

First of all, I noticed, that I focus on wordpress theme creating documentation. All wordpress themes store on the server by the address /wp-content/themes. For create our own theme we must create folder with the same name of our theme. For example, our theme name is test-theme. And folder name must me the same. Theme is not access in administration panel. But you can see error messages. It says, there is no stylesheet file. This is style.css file. In the start of this file you must write some meta data with css comments style. You can read more about theme meta data here.
One more required file is index.php. It renders html code of pages, posts and so on by default.
This is two main required files for wordpress theme. After creating of this files theme will be access in the admin panel.
There are another them files, which we will discuss in next lessons.
Used template – https://blackrockdigital.github.io/startbootstrap-blog-home/#

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